PR & Communications


Public image is essential in motorsport, which is why excellent PR and communications are correlated to the overall success of any driver, team, or championship.

Without a strong and positive image, motorsports such as Formula 1, IndyCar and their feeder series would not be able to support themselves financially without the funding of major sponsors and investors. We know how important PR and communications are for drivers of all levels and ages, so our drivers immediately benefit from the creative expertise and best practice methods of DCM’s sports marketing specialists. Good PR and communications are vital selling tools and a requirement for any individual or entity in motorsport.

Our aim is simple: to make our drivers shine in a professional light that will attract prestigious teams, teams, investors and fans. Public image is an on-going learning curve for junior and senior drivers and is an invaluable asset not only on an individual basis, but equally for a driver’s team and sponsors. DCM is actively involved in the PR mentoring of its drivers.

What We Offer

  • Native English speaking PR & Communications Manager
  • Design and copywriting of all media: press releases and race reports
  • Distribution of all media to international network of motorsport press
  • Frequent press coverage online and in printed publications
  • Tailored marketing and branding campaigns for sponsors
  • Collaborative exposure with cross-over industries
  • Mentoring to improve interview, press and social media techniques
  • Driver promotion and increased following via DCM’s social media outlets


  • Media can be translated into foreign languages
  • Offices in London and Los Angeles give us an international PR perspective
  • Managers can attend race meetings for PR and communication duties
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