Corporate Representation


All drivers require a personal or external source of funding for career development. All of today’s Formula 1 and IndyCar champions were financially supported and sponsored by major teams, companies and individuals during their junior years of single-seater racing. Therefore, without funding, there is no route to the top.

Securing funding requires considerable effort, experience and often a heavy stroke of luck. DCM’s advantage for drivers and sponsors is that it has the expertise, resources and network to cater for the various unique interests, requirements and objectives of its sponsors. This allows drivers to concentrate on racing, while DCM’s sports marketing specialists work to satisfy – and wherever possible exceed – the expectations of the sponsor.

Regarding sponsorship procurement, we present the profiles of our drivers to our international network of sponsors, investors and motorsport enthusiasts throughout the year. As sponsorship procurement forms a substantial part of our business operations at DCM, we travel to any corner of the world to promote our drivers and get the job done. We are extremely proud and passionate about our drivers, which is why we knowingly accept that going the extra mile is an absolute necessity to sponsorship procurement and execution.

What We Offer

  • The opportunity to secure career funding for future seasons
  • Annuity funding via the DCM Foundation
  • Design and copywriting of your Sponsorship Dossier
  • The presentation of your profile to motorsport sponsors and investors
  • Tailored sponsorship campaigns to meet the demands of sponsors
  • Responsibility over all contractual obligations with sponsors


  • Managers travel worldwide to source funding at no additional cost
  • We can approach your network of potential sponsors for you
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