• We represent a growing selection of highly talented single-seater racing drivers from across the world
  • And go the extra mile to bring sponsors into the heart of the motorsport, business and social action.
  • DCM serves racing drivers and motorsport sponsors with talent management and tailored sponsorship solutions.
An Introduction

An Introduction

Founded in 2010, DCM is an independent multi-disciplinary talent manager specialised in the career development of aspiring Formula 1 racing drivers.

We serve 2 key complementing parties within motorsport: drivers and sponsors. Through developed in-depth knowledge of best practice and an openness to innovation, our driver managers and sports marketing specialists strive to:

  • Enhance and maximise the career opportunities and public image of our drivers
  • Conceptualise and execute fully tailored sponsorship and hospitality solutions
  • Unite global brands, organisations and investors with winning drivers
  • Go the extra mile to be winners at everything we do

From our HQ in London, we are committed to providing an integrated driver and sponsor focused service. We embrace this task by delivering practical management solutions and sophisticated sponsorship solutions, which are specifically designed around the individual objectives of our drivers

Our Philosophy

Operating in a very competitive and high profile sport requires dedication at every level and our philosophy to win with passion on and off the track is at the heart of everything we do.

“Achieving success in motor racing not only requires technical perfection on the circuit, but equally creative excellence in and outside of the paddock. The multi-trillion dollar motorsport industry is built upon the demands of corporate sponsorship, automotive R&D, TV licensing and VIP hospitality, so we apply our expertise to make our drivers and sponsors ever more attractive to the motorsport community and its international fan base.”

Peter Jones, Managing Director at DCM

Our philosophy enables our driver managers and sports marketing specialists to:

  • Best serve the interests and objectives of our drivers and sponsors
  • Transform the appeal, professionalism and inner motivations of our drivers
  • Provide engaging and widespread branding solutions for sponsors
  • Bring sponsors to the forefront of the racing and networking action
  • Develop enduring relationships between drivers and sponsors
  • Pioneer our creativity with forward-planning and due diligence practices

What We Do

Talent Management

We are responsible for the career development of our portfolio of talented racing drivers. From junior racing categories to Formula 1, it is our role to support drivers at all stages of development by allowing them to focus their attention on racing, while we take care of the numerous tasks taking place outside of the garage.

The single-seater experience of our drivers ranges from Formula 4 to Formula 1 and it is our role to align a progressive career plan for each newly signed driver with DCM. We connect our drivers with superior teams, new sponsors, the international press and leading racing academies / driver programs.

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Motorsport Sponsorship

We work towards sourcing, constructing and executing motorsport sponsorship contracts and campaigns for our drivers with global brands, organisations, investors and motorsport enthusiasts. Thanks to our growing portfolio of winning drivers, we provide sponsors with the opportunity to leverage their sponsorship campaigns across a number of drivers and racing categories simultaneously.

Not only do we deliver wider brand exposure and penetration for sponsors in such a way, but we ensure to go the extra mile so that sponsors take full advantage of their unique association within professional motorsport.

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DCM Foundation

Established in 2014, the DCM Foundation exists due to the generosity of motorsport enthusiasts from around the world who have voluntarily chosen to support DCM’s drivers. Donations of any size are warmly received by our drivers as they are directly invested towards the career development of our drivers – namely the financing of the best available racing seat with new teams.

If you would like to make a donation to one or more of our drivers, you can easily do so online by completing our Donation Form. Our drivers are more than willing to do something special for donors, so please feel free to contact us with any special requests you might have. From signed autographs and merchandise to race weekend hospitality, our drivers make sure to personally contact and thank donors accordingly.

If you are interested in motorsport sponsorship, you can review Our Expertise and learn how to Sponsor A Driver with DCM.