Below are a selection of the most frequently asked questions we receive from drivers about DCM. For more information and any other questions you might have, please contact us.

How can I work with DCM?

Firstly, please make sure that you meet our minimum requirements on this page: What We Look For. If you believe you have what it takes to be a DCM driver, please write to us with a summary of your racing experience and results to date. Our staff will review your profile and request further information where necessary.

Can DCM help fund my racing career?

Yes, we work throughout the year to secure commercial partnerships with innovative companies. The amount of funding you will receive depends upon the nature of our partnerships, your results and the tier in which you are racing.

Which teams does DCM have connections to?

There are too many to list. We have close relationships with leading teams across Europe and North America. We assist our drivers with all aspects to do with team relationships and contract negotiation.

What are DCM's fees?

We have 2 fee structures: an annual management fee and a percentage-based fee on the total of any funds secured by DCM for our drivers.